suffix forming the plural names of orders and classes of animals (Crustacea) ({{}}cf. -ACEAN).
Etymology: neut. pl. of L adj. suffix -aceus of the nature of

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\\ˈāsh(ē)ə\ noun plural suffix
Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, neuter plural of -aceus -aceous
: animals characterized by : animals of the nature of



— in names of zoological divisions larger than a genus, especially orders and classes

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a suffix used in the formation of names of classes and orders: Crustacea.
[ < L, neut. pl, with collective meaning, of -aceus. See -ACEOUS]

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-acea /-ā-sē-ə/
plural noun suffix
Used in names of zoological divisions, esp orders or classes

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suffix Zoology forming the names of zoological groups

Crustacea. Compare with -acean

from Latin, ‘of the nature of’, neuter plural adjectival ending

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L. suffix, pl. neut. of -āceus, comp. adj. formative (= -āc- + e-us) = belonging to, of the nature of: see -aceous. The analogy of a few words in L., as gallīnāceus, has been followed in the extensive use of this ending (in neuter pl. agreeing with animālia understood) to form names of classes or orders of animals, like Crustācea crusty or shell-coated animals, Cētācea animals of the nature of the whale (cētus). These are collective plurals; the sing. is supplied by crustaceous animal, crustacean.

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